Transita Editorial Director, Nikki Read gives us an insight into the inner workings of Transita in her regular column.

It’s great to see Adrienne Dines’ new book The Jigsaw Maker in print and also Wendy K Harris’ first novel The Sorrow of Sisters. Good luck to both of those authors. I found both novels very hard to put down even reading them in A4 sheets of manuscript so they’ll be even more ‘un-put-downable’ in actual book form!

The majority of you probably aren’t aware that we also publish non-fiction as How To Books Ltd. Having just published our new catalogue I’ve been looking at some of the titles with Transita readers in mind. There is a vast range of books and many of them are of particular interest to our age group but there are a couple that I just wanted to draw your attention to.

How To Spend the Kids’ Inheritance will be published in April. (My youngest daughter thinks it’s very cruel of us to publish it at all!) People retiring nowadays can have as much as a third of their lives ahead of them so it really is important to research all the options available – and the more you know the better off you will be. I don’t just mean financially, but to ensure that this period in our lives is as rewarding and as much fun as it can be. Coronation Street star Annie Hulley wrote this book after researching retirement accommodation for her mother and helping her to make the move – but the book grew as she researched the whole area more and more, and discovered all the choices available and decisions that had to be made.

If any of you are wondering what you’re going to do now the kids have left home then another book you might like to know about is Make It Your Business which is specifically for women wanting to start and run their own businesses. There are lots of books out there on starting and running a business but none of them really addresses the specific needs of women. This one does. It’s written by two women who have set up their own businesses and are passionate about helping other women to do the same – and they understand all too well the psychological and child-related obstacles that many women need to overcome. It’s published in September so you’ll have to wait a while but there is a website already up and running that might be worth a visit. Click here to find out more.












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