Uphill All the Way by Sue Moorcroft

ISBN 1-905175-000 Price £7.99

Available April 2005

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When 51 year old Judith lost Giorgio, she lost her life in Malta – joy, love, her income, her own space, and her circle of friends. She even lost the view from her sun-warmed balcony of the sparkling blue waters of Sliema Creek. And, she discovered, she’d lost most of her money, too.

What she gained, back in England, was a bed in her sister’s spare room in chilly Northamptonshire where she’d been brought up, and a whole host of difficulties and family problems.

But a road that’s uphill all the way can bring exhilarating views. It can be fulfilling, too, and a lot easier when you find someone who wants to travel it with you .


'A most enjoyable book: amusing, fast paced and stylishly written. The author leads you on and keeps you guessing right to the end.'

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Author Profile : Sue Moordcroft

Sue Moorcroft was born in Germany and moved on to spend much of her childhood in Cyprus and Malta. A good part of Uphill all the Way is set in Malta – to Sue, the next best thing to being in Malta is writing about it.

The idea of the book germinated in 2003 as she snorkelled in the turquoise sea of Malta’s Ghar’id Dud Bay, letting her mind drift… a laughing Maltese tour guide, she’d been watching earlier… British people who live in Malta… whether their hearts are divided between Malta and their loved ones back home in the UK. What if they think they’re settled and then their life changes and they have to start again?

Back in her hotel she began to scribble some notes.

Over a hundred of Sue’s short stories have been sold to magazines in several countries, and her serial Another Country to The People’s Friend. Sue is a committee member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and a past winner of the Association’s Katie Fforde Bursary award. She was a runner up in the 2004 Ford Fiesta Short Story Competition and a submission judge for the Harry Bowling award in the same year.

Now settled in Northamptonshire with her husband and sons, Sue’s love for Malta runs deep – as well as returning to the island regularly she keeps in touch with its’ history and culture through a website forum specifically for the Maltese and those who have lived on the island.

Author Links

Sue has her own website that you can visit at http://suemoorcroft.tripod.com

You can also read an online interview with her at www.themotivatedwriter.com



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