Turning Point by Bowering Sivers

ISBN 1-905175-035 Price £7.99

Available April 2005

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“I’m going on a cruise in the spring. I’ve chosen my cabin, the ultimate in luxury, with a king size bed and a Jacuzzi. It’s utterly immoral … but I don’t care. Daddy taught me to be very careful with money but he didn’t teach me how to live. I’m going to make up for lost time. There’s nothing like a coronary to frighten the life into you.”


A lively woman with witty, frequently caustic views on the world, Ruth is a talented but overly-modest artist whose secret passion is the stage. After the death of her father Ruth is forced into a humdrum existence with her elderly mother but a heart attack in her forties makes her take stock.

Into her world come two men – one a scenic designer who opens up the possibility of a career in the theatre, the other a young artistic director who falls in love with her. But has she the courage to say yes to either or both of them? Ruth has reached a turning point…

This novel of conflicting desires by award-winning author Bowering Sivers will find echoes with many women.


‘A strongly written story that many women will relate to.’

Katie FForde

Author Profile : Bowering Sivers

Bowering Sivers (real name Brenda Bowering) was born in Middlesex and grew up in Wembley Park. She graduated with a degree in modern languages from Southampton University and shortly thereafter went to Zambia to teach French in a high school in Lusaka. From there she moved up to Kenya and worked as a receptionist before returning to the UK.

Back in London she became a reporter for a provincial newspaper and then a PRO for the Shell Group. Four years later she immigrated to Canada where she worked in variety of roles. While working for the Royal Bank of Canada she travelled extensively from the Artic Circle to Tijuana, the Caribbean and Europe. She married her photographer and returned to England to live in an old coach house in the Cotswolds. Wanderlust soon struck again and they strapped a caravan to their car and spent a year touring Portugal, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Austria and Germany.

Brenda began writing for children while in Canada and her first book The Snailman, illustrated by Shirley Hughes, won the Little Brown Canadian Children’s Book Award in 1976. Success as a writer has continued – her latest children’s books are Jammy Dodgers on the Run and Jammy Dodgers Go Underground, both published by Macmillan.

Brenda now lives in Eastbourne with one husband and two dogs. She writes every morning and spends her leisure time keeping her French in shape and playing very bad bridge.

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