Tuesday Night at the Kasbah By Patricia Kitchin

ISBN: 1-905175-159

Published: September 2005

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“The first thing that struck Judy was the music. … It seemed so out of place here in an English church hall, yet as she listened to it, it invaded her body and shivered over her mind until the music was natural and the hall and the gaggle of chattering white women in their jeans and sweatshirts and styled hair were slightly odd.”


When Judy Blackwell joins a belly dancing class, she is only looking for a distraction from her empty marriage and emptying nest. She doesn’t expect to get caught up in the lives and loves of other women in the group.

As the women make exotic costumes and learn to undulate and shimmy, their menfolk are drawn into the circle. Maybe it’s the sinuous Middle Eastern music, maybe it’s all that wine they keep drinking, but soon everyone finds themselves behaving in unexpected ways.


‘I found the book easy to read and a giggle in places.’

Newbooks Magazine

Author Profile : Patricia Kitchin

Patricia Kitchin is an Essex girl born and bred and proud of it. After a childhood messing about in boats, she did jobs ranging from making furry fairground novelties to serving at the biscuit counter at Woolworth’s. She then trained to be a teacher, married and produced three children. While they were young she began to put her bad habit of daydreaming to good use by writing books.

In middle life she became happily single again, and would still have been labouring at the chalkface had she not met husband number two and agreed to help him in his country pub. There, she became an expert at running a barbeque and cleaning the men’s urinals.

Now that the children are grown up and independent, she is devoting herself to the tough job of spending their inheritance.

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