Elissa's Castle by Juliet Greenwood

ISBN 1-905175-043 Price £7.99

Available May 2005

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“I thought I knew everything that day I was fifty-two; that I had nothing else to learn, and nothing would ever again arise to shock me. That day I bought Bryn Glas Castle, I was looking forward to a life of single, middle-aged, purple-wearing, self-indulgent bliss, with natters with my friends, and flying visits from my children and grandchildren as the headiest excitement of my future existence.”


When Elissa Deryn buys a dilapidated castle in Snowdonia, with the intention of turning it into a B&B to support her in her old age, she has no idea just what she is letting herself in for.

Far from fading away into obscure old age, Elissa suddenly finds herself eminently desirable. Suitors appear at an alarming rate. But is it Elissa’s charm, or her castle and its unique Elizabethan garden, that is desirable? Can she find one amongst them all who will love her for herself alone, and not for her assets?

Or is she really having far too much fun as she is?


‘Enchanting fiction with unexpected depth. Brilliant dialogue.’

Living Magazine.

Author Profile : Juliet Greenwood

Juliet Greenwood grew up near Birmingham, where she received an ‘alternative education’ at a Rudolph Steiner School. Although she always dreamed of becoming a writer, she only began to seriously work at her writing when she was ‘retired’ on health grounds at the age of 35.

The turning-point for Juliet as a novelist came when she joined the Romantic Novelist’s Association and their New Writer’s Scheme. Since then she has had five novelettes accepted for the ‘My Weekly Story Collection’.

Juliet now lives in Snowdonia in a traditional cottage on the outskirts of a village halfway between Conwy Castle and Snowdon. Elissa’s Castle is her first full length novel.

It is a romantic comedy with a twist and is loosely based on a real incident that demonstrated to Juliet the universally acknowledged truth that ‘a single woman of middle years, being in possession of property and a reasonable income, must be in want of a husband.’

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Juliet has her own website: www.julietgreenwood.co.uk

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