Blood Precious by Sara Banerji

ISBN 978-1-905175-32-1 Price £7.99

Available January 2006

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"By the time I reached the water, I could just make out Naomi waving. I woke up in hospital. Apparently life savers had pulled me out and saved my life. I was furious. And that was the start of them poking around. This was a situation that Jack and I had not thought of, that the time would come when other people would poke their noses in, and prevent the surviving one from doing away with his or herself."


Snobbish, aloof and eighty years old, Lady Arabella Cunningham-Smythe wishes she were dead. Then at least she could join her late husband as they had planned so meticulously before he died.

But a band of well meaning friends and relations are determined to thwart her wishes. It is only when her beloved four year old granddaughter Naomi - who has magical powers - is kidnapped that things change. Lady Arabella must regain the will to live if she is to turn detective, successfully outwit a mass murderer – and learn to master her mobile phone.


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Author Profile : Sara Banerji

During the Second World War Sara Banerji lived with her mother, brothers and sister in Oxfordshire while her father fought in the war. After the war she emigrated with her family to what was then Southern Rhodesia where they lived out in the African Bush in a single mud rondavel, with no electricity or running water.

Sara met her husband in a coffee bar in Oxford when he was an undergraduate at Christ Church. He was a customer and she a waitress. They spent their child rearing years in the high hills of South India where he was a tea planter and she painted in oils, rode as a jockey on the flat, and wrote her first novel. They returned to England in 1973 with £5 each. Sara borrowed some money, bought ponies in auctions and taught riding. Later she started a gardening business in Sussex.

The Waiting Time is the eighth of Sara’s novels to be published. Her first book was long listed for Man Booker prize and her last published novel, Shining Hero won an Arts Council of England award.

Sara and her husband now live in Oxford, where she teaches writing for Oxford University’s Department for Further Education. She also holds regular exhibitions of her painting and waste material sculptures. She and her husband practice Transcendental Meditation and yogic flying every day. They have three daughters and five grandchildren.

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