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June 2007 - Blue Slipper Bay by Wendy K. Harris

We are overjoyed to announce the publication of the second novel in the series of three Undercliff Novels by Wendy K. Harris. The first in the sequence, The Sorrow of Sisters was published by Transita last year.

Blue Slipper Bay by Wendy K. Harris

ISBN 1-905175-33-7 Price £7.99

Available June 2007



‘My advice is to gather together every shred of self-worth that you can summon, plus all your memories that make you feel good. Hold onto them like mad and fashion a new life for yourself doing what you want.’

She tapped Sophie’s arm again. ‘Ditch the rest; it’s not worth the headspace. And don’t try to see too far into the future either. Do what’s right for you now.’

Sophie, bereft after the loss of her mother and her husband’s betrayal, walks out of her demanding profession and her home seeking refuge with her friend, Jill, on the Isle of Wight. She doesn’t suspect that she is about to be drawn into another crisis.
Jill, a psychologist, is as obsessive and compulsive as the clients she treats and has her own complex reasons for persuading Sophie to stay.

Over the cliffs at Blue Slipper Bay, Nick lives in a beach hut, challenged by the sea. A seeker of truth, walled in by his own guilt and grief, he finds solace in resurrecting the forgotten gardens of Wraith Cove Hotel.

Sophie, Jill and Nick all need to make peace with their past before they can risk taking a second chance with the future.

A deeply moving story about the risk, doubt and numbing fear in taking a second chance in life.

Author Profile : Wendy K. Harris

Wendy Harris was born in Surrey in an air raid shelter during a doodle-bug attack. The youngest of four sisters, she began writing just to get a word in edgeways! Her writing of short stories and poetry has been interwoven with working as a nurse, homoeopath, counsellor, interfaith minister and sharing the upbringing of five children.

A change of life moved her and her husband eventually to the Isle of Wight. Here she was inspired by tumbling cliffs and precarious cottages to write The Sorrow of Sisters which has been translated into German, Dutch and Norwegian. She is now working on her third Undercliff novel Rocken Edge.

Author Profile : Wendy K. Harris



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