July 2007 - The Gardener by Prue Leith

The Gardener

ISBN: 1-905175-34-5

Published:July 2007



‘Under the bracken, under the soil, under the forest, under the water, the garden’s history is there. It needs an ardent lover to find it.’


Lotte is in unfamiliar territory. After a painful divorce and a great deal of soul-searching, she’s abandoned her successful career as an architect for a degree in Garden History, and uprooted her three children to take a job as Head Gardener to millionaire Brody Keegan.
Brody is as ignorant about gardens as Lotte is knowledgeable, his tastes as loud as hers are quiet. The things they have in common are a passion for Maddon Park and a determination to get their own way.

As Lotte locks horns with her boss and his spoilt young wife, she finds herself on an emotional rollercoaster. She knows what is right for the garden, but – still raw from divorce, anxious about the children and frightened of entanglement – she has no idea what is right for her.


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Author Profile : Prue Leith

Prue Leith was born in South Africa, but has lived most of her working life in London, where she has held Cookery Editor or Food Columnist jobs for The Daily Mail, The Sunday Express, The Guardian and The Mirror.

She has also been a restaurateur, caterer, telly-cook and broadcaster, and has written many cookbooks.

Prue Leith has written three novels: Leaving Patrick, Sisters and The Gardener.

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