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Pamela Fudge was brought up in Poole, Dorset. She wrote poetry, mainly for her family, when her three children were growing up, and then discovered a talent for short fiction, which has seen her stories published by most of the national magazines over a period of twenty years. Widow on the World is her third published novel.

Having been widowed, not once, but twice in recent years, Pamela is well qualified to comment on the adage that life goes on. She is also the first one to admit that it’s not always as simple as it sounds.

Pamela was a home study tutor with Writers News for two years and a creative writing tutor for 11 years with many successes among her students.

Pamela still lives in Poole with two cats and a dog.

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Widow on the World by Pamela Fudge

ISBN: 1-905175-22-1

Published: April 2006

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‘The fragrance of freshly ground coffee was all around us, and everything seemed just as it should be. That all wasn’t as it should be was becoming increasingly clear. I couldn’t believe the world, as I knew it, was about to fall apart round my ears for the second time in twelve short months. Could life really be that unfair?’


Widowed at 45, Denise has come to the end of that first year alone and survived. It’s time to get back out in the world and live her life. However, life, and particularly her own family, seem to have other ideas as first her mother and then her daughter move into a house that is suddenly bursting at the seams.

A battle of wills ensues, but it is a battle that Denise is determined to win by fair means or foul, because only when she has sorted everyone else’s lives out can she finally get on with her own.

Romance doesn’t figure anywhere in her calculations but Denise, of all people,should know that life doesn’t always go according to plan.


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