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Martin Goodman was born in Leicester, Middle England, in 1956, and in the 1960s he was already a regular summer visitor to the Tangiers of Paul Bowles. He left school to take a sales job in Berlin, crossing the wall for visits with friends in the East at weekends. He has worked in China, Saudi Arabia, Italy, the Netherlands, Thailand and Qatar; founded Scotland's premier video publishing business; toured as a professional actor; worked bars as an organist and pianist; and run a mobile music sales exhibition. An intimate of some of the day's top spiritual leaders, a pilgrim to many of the sacred places around the globe, he has also walked through civil war zones of Eastern Turkey and Sri Lanka, smoked hashish with bandits in East Bengal, taken psychedelics with Amazonian shamans, and visited remote refugee camps and relief projects.

Martin Goodman has been awarded a Scottish Arts Council Writer's Bursary, and Travel Awards from the Scottish Arts Council and the Society of Authors. His journalism appears in The Scotsman, The Financial Times, The Los Angeles Times etc.

His first novel (On Bended Knee) was shortlisted for the Whitbread Award. After years of pushing non-fiction to its limits, writing books that tell stories he would never have dared to imagine, Slippery When Wet marks his return to the novel. As he says himself, "It is as true, as bold and daring, as I know how to write."

Martin Goodman lives in Sandy, Bedfordshire.

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Slippery When Wet by Martin Goodman

ISBN 1-905175-205 Price £7.99

Available January 2006

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‘Though she could not always match his youth, she could always enjoy it. It was like owning a kestrel. You could thrill to its flight without needing to fly yourself. It zoomed in and snatched morsels of meat from your hand.’


Occupation: ‘matriarch’. When Maggie’s husband dies in the bed of another woman, she surges out of their stately home. She heads East, to the source of the family wealth, touching down in Bangladesh. A beautiful young man, Sepen, welcomes her at the airport and shepherds her through the culture shock of his country. As their relationship becomes sexual he starts to crack her English veneer. When she becomes ill she needs him. When she grows strong again she needs him even more.

Maggie continues her journey to Thailand. In releasing her husband’s ashes into the River Kwai she steps clear of her past. It’s too damn stupid to think of Sepen as part of her future. Surely it is?


‘A strange tale that is sometimes unbelievable but makes for compelling reading nonetheless.’

The Nottingham Evening Post

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