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Liz Byrski was born and brought up in England and has lived in Western Australia since 1981. She is the author of ten non-fiction books, and has worked as a staff and freelance journalist, a broadcaster with ABC Radio and an adviser to a minister in the West Australian government.

Liz now lectures in professional writing at Curtin University. Gang of Four is her first novel.

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Gang of Four By Liz Byrski

ISBN: 1-905175-167

Available : September 2005

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‘A perfect morning. But the weight of the day wrapped itself around her, and she was ashamed of her own ingratitude. She had a husband, children and grandchildren who loved her, a beautiful home, enough money. What sort of person was she to feel so overwhelmed with gloom and resentment on Christmas morning?’


They have been close friends for almost two decades, supporting each other through personal and professional crises – parents dying, children leaving home, house moves, job changes, diets and really bad haircuts. Now the ‘gang of four’, Isabel, Sally, Robin and Grace, are all fifty-something, successful … and restless.

It is Isabel who makes the first move, taking a year away from her family to follow her mother’s footsteps across Europe. Soon Sally is on her way too – to San Francisco to come face to face with a guilty secret. Robin, in the wake of a clandestine relationship, heads for isolation in the country. And Grace? Well, Grace would never go away for an entire year, but, lonely in the others’ absence, she thinks she might take a short holiday in England. Once there she bumps into someone she hardly knows – herself.

Gang of Four is a story of four very different journeys and a celebration of women in their prime of life.


‘A sunny-spirited debut.’

The Independent

‘A rite of passage novel for the older woman – it is a good read.’

The Nottingham Evening Post

‘This is not a book about mid-life crisis so much as mid-life opportunity’.

The Sydney Morning Herald

‘The age of the 50-something woman is upon us. She’s healthy, energetic and she’s ready to do all those things she’s put off for so long’.

The Australian Sunday Times

‘Written by a writer who has remarkable story telling powers. I was glued’.

Australian Women’s Weekly.

‘A mature, relevant and entertaining first novel’.

The Weekend Australian

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